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Cold-climate heat pumps offer versatility in the comfort of your home including heating, cooling, and humidity control.

Heat pumps can both cool and heat your whole home, offering an energy-efficient HVAC system for hot, humid summers and the cold, snowy winters in the Northeast. Cold-climate air source heat pumps can replace your existing HVAC system or provide supplemental temperature control in targeted areas of your home. Contact your local Carrier dealer today.

Carrier Cold-Climate Heat PumpBenefits of a Cold-Climate Heat Pump

Safe & Clean:
Cold-climate air source electric heat pumps do not require combustion of fossil fuels or fuel storage, eliminating the potential release of carbon monoxide (CO2) while improving your home’s air quality.

High-Efficiency Heating & Cooling:
Heat pumps are extremely energy efficient because they extract more energy than they consume by moving the existing heat in the air into or out of your home.

Improved Comfort:
Cold-climate air source heat pumps provide quiet, even heating and cooling regardless of the season.

Flexible Design Options:
Cold-climate heat pumps have the versatility to easily fit the shape, style, and decor of any home. Ducted heat pumps connect to homes with forced air delivery (ducts) and ductless options blend seamlessly into homes without central AC (or ductwork) with floor consoles, high wall, and ceiling cassette options.

Convenience & Longevity:
Heat pumps last longer than conventional heating and cooling systems and require minimal maintenance. By switching to a cold-climate heat pump, you won’t need those heavy, noisy window air conditioners, and, if you currently heat with oil or propane, you won’t have to worry about scheduling fuel deliveries again.

Energy-efficient heat pumps qualify for manufacturer and utility rebates. Find information on rebates, tax incentives, and affordable financing options here.

Contact a dealer near you for an in-home consultation.

When comparing your options, keep in mind the higher the SEER*The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is a measure of the cooling efficiency of your air conditioner or heat pump. The higher the SEER number, the more efficient the system is at converting electricity into cooling power. and HSPF*The Heating Seasonal Performance Factor is a measure of the heating efficiency of a heat pump. The higher the HSPF number, the more efficiently the heat pump heats your home. (The cooling efficiency of a heat pump is measured by its SEER.) ratings of a heating and cooling system, the more efficient it will be. Choose from single-stage, two-stage, or the more advanced variable-speed heat pumps that provide premium home comfort with precise temperature control.

Heat Pumps*A product that works just like an air conditioner in cooling mode; however, in heating mode, the refrigerant flow is reversed and heat is extracted from the outside air too heat your home. could be the home comfort solution you’ve been looking for and an HVAC system that can lower your utility costs all year long!

Looking for ductless split options?

Ductless split systems are innovative heating and cooling solutions that make sure non-ducted spaces are as comfortable as any ducted space. These high-efficiency heating and cooling systems can also help you save money by keeping your most-used rooms optimally comfortable. Find information and model specifications here.

Learn how cold-climate heat pumps work here.


Comfort Series

Carrier’s Comfort Series are reliable and efficient, as well as budget friendly. They provide comfort by working in one speed that turns on and shuts off within a few degrees of your thermostat setting.


Performance Series

Carrier Performance Series heat pumps offer good efficiency and usually have two-speed fans. These units generally run at the lower speed to keep the room temperature more consistent throughout the day.


Infinity Series

Like the name states, Carrier’s Infinity Series heat pumps are the best option in terms of comfort, humidity control, and noise levels. These units operate very efficiently to meet your exact requirements for home comfort.

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