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No matter if you heat with oil, propane, natural gas, or electric, there’s an innovative, high-efficiency furnace or boiler for you. Your local heating company can help you find the ideal heating system tailored to your own unique home heating situation – where you live, the size of your home, and the home health quality you need.

Is it time to replace your old, outdated furnace or boiler? Answer these 5 quick questions to help you decide if now is the time to repair or replace your existing heating system.

Carrier Infinity HVAC SystemKeep in mind that today’s new units are quieter, smaller, and more energy efficient which means you save money all year-round with lower utility bills.

Need a bit of help? Find your nearest dealer here. Just type in your zip code to select from a listing of dealers near you. They all provide 24/7 emergency service, annual safety cleanings, and repairs for all makes and models of heating systems. If you decide to replace or upgrade, they can help you tailor the right combination of heating and cooling products – providing cost-saving options for ultimate home comfort all year long.

New energy-efficient furnaces operate at over 97% AFUE and can reduce your monthly utility bills by up to 30%. Bundle those savings with no- or low-interest financing and enjoy a quick payback on your new heating system.

Plus, take a look at the newest Infinity Heat Pump with Greenspeed Intelligence. This high-efficiency heating and cooling system offers homeowners consistent comfort, precisely matching the heating or cooling demands of the home.

Looking for environmentally friendly geothermal heating and cooling systems? Geothermal HVAC systems can provide annual cost savings of up to 70% in heating costs and up to 50% in cooling costs.

We have options designed to fit a variety of budgets and all your family’s needs.

Need more help? Contact us for more information.

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