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Find maximum comfort while saving energy with a highly engineered thermostat.

Gain precise control over temperature, humidity, comfort and energy savings with a programmable thermostat for your heating and cooling system. As a bonus, most programmable thermostats are Wi-Fi and Alexa compatible, and can be controlled from an app or from its easy-to-use interface.

Carrier’s newest thermostats can notify (if you choose to allow the feature) your dealer if it notices anything wrong with your system – helping to diagnose a problem before your system experiences any potential down time. Perfect for your home or vacation home – just imagine the peace of mind!


Comfort Series

Carrier’s Comfort Series are reliable and efficient, as well as budget friendly. They provide comfort by working in one speed that kicks on and shuts off within a couple of degrees of your thermostat setting.


Performance Series

Carrier Performance Series offer mid-range efficiency and usually have two-speed fans. These units generally run mostly at the lower speed and it’s able to keep the room temperature more even throughout the day.


Infinity Series

Like the name states, Carrier’s Infinity Series is the best option in terms of comfort, efficiency, humidity control and noise levels. These units operate to meet the exact requirement for the room.

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