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5 Tips to Lower Your Air Conditioning Costs

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Keep your family comfortable while saving money with these 5 air conditioning tips:

1. Higher = Lower.
Your energy costs may increase by about 7 percent for every degree above 78. Remember to set your programmable thermostat to a higher temperature when you will be away from home for extended periods of time to lower your energy costs. And remove lamps, televisions, or other heat-producing devices that are close to your thermostat to prevent your air conditioner from running more than is necessary.

2. Clean and Free.
Check your air filter monthly and replace as needed. Clogged filters require your air conditioner to work harder, raising utility costs. Also be sure to clean around the unit. Remove leaves and debris to ensure sufficient air flow. Need help? Click here for DIY instructions.

3. Annual Physical.
Your HVAC system should have a safety check, cleaning and tune up every year. Call your local HVAC dealer who can inspect, clean, and make sure your air conditioning unit is operating safely and at its peak efficiency.

4. Location. Location. Location.
Check the location of your air conditioner. Air conditioning units placed in the shade can be more efficient. And, steer clear of landscaping with rocks, concrete, etc. on the sunny sides of your home. If there is no shade, it will capture and radiate heat increasing the temperature around your home.

5. Time to Say Goodbye?
If your unit is no longer operating efficiently, you may want to invest in today’s new advanced high-efficiency air conditioners. Because they use less energy and are more cost-effective to operate, some new central AC systems can offer savings up to 56 percent on cooling costs.

For more information, contact your local dealer today.

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