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When to Consider Replacing Your Heating and Cooling System

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Are you considering replacing your heating and air conditioning system?

If you answer any of the following questions with a yes, please contact your local HVAC dealer for an in-home consultation. They can help walk you through the options that are best for your home and within your budget.

  1. Is your furnace, boiler, or air conditioner over 15 years old?
  2. Does you boiler still have a pilot light burning all the time?
  3. Are you calling for repairs more often?
  4. Is your home overly dusty?
  5. Are you having issues with high humidity in your home?
  6. Do you have a condensing furnace?
  7. Are you aware of new cold-climate heat pump technology?

Click here for the full article from ENERGY STAR.

Did you know?

Installing a new air conditioning outdoor unit without replacing your indoor unit is likely to result in lower efficiency and may lead to premature failure of the entire system?

For more expert advice, or if you have any other heating or cooling questions, contact your local dealer.

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