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Pollen, Allergies, and Air Conditioners

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Have you seen that white, fluffy pollen floating through the air this spring? It comes from the cottonwood tree. And, it can cause more trouble than runny noses and itchy eyes.

Your outdoor AC condenser coils are susceptible to cottonwood and other pollens in the air. In the Northeast during May and June, cottonwood may clog your condenser requiring more frequent cleaning. Failure to clean your unit of pollens, leaves, ragweed, and other foreign substances will result in capacity loss, increased energy costs, and possible damage to the unit.

If your unit looks like the picture, contact one of our expert dealers to have a qualified service technician clean your condenser coils and provide annual maintenance.

And if this year’s allergy season has you sneezing and itching, don’t forget that your local HVAC dealer can also offer you a variety of indoor air quality components to keep the allergens out of your home.

For more information, contact your local Carrier dealer today.

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