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Allergens, Asthma, and Indoor Air Quality Products

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More and more people suffer from chronic asthma symptoms and respiratory-related illnesses every year. According to the American Lung Association, the number of people who are affected with asthma has increased to about 26 million (1 out of every 13) Americans.

The escalating cases of asthma seem to be related to the increasing amount of time people spend indoors and a reduction in overall lung capacity due to more sedentary lifestyles.

Your home’s HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system is important because it controls the indoor temperature, humidity, and air quality levels.

  • High moisture levels in indoor air allows mold, fungi, and dust mites to breed.
  • Stale, smoky or dusty indoor air at any temperature can mean discomfort.
  • And the air in today’s tightly-sealed, well-insulated homes can breed bacteria and other allergens as the same indoor air is re-circulated.

Carrier makes HVAC systems designed with components to control indoor humidity, ventilators that exchange stale indoor air with clean, fresh outdoor air, air cleaners that trap and kill germs and bacteria with filtration and ultraviolet (UV) lamps.

Learn how you can keep your family healthy and safe with indoor air quality products.

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