Wi-Fi Universal Programmable Thermostats

Côr Performance WiFi Thermostat: The Heart of a Smarter Home

Take control of your home.... Even when you're not at home - With Carrier's newest controller: the Côr Thermostat.

Cor Controller by Carrier allows you to take control of your home comfort.Smart and Efficient:
The Côr Thermostat is flexible enough to work with any brand of home comfort system, giving you the power to save an average of 20% on your heating and cooling costs. Take advantage of home energy reports that track back to the day your thermostat was installed.

Simple and Accessible:
An easy-to-use touchscreen interface offers control at home, while a user-friendly app allows you the freedom to manage and track your home energy consumption anytime from virtually anywhere. The Côr Thermostat is optimized for smartphones, tablets, and desktops for simple "dahsboard" access to advanced features and functions. A secure web portal lets you maintain control over comfort and efficiency settings using any connected device.

Advanced Software:
The Côr Thermostat automatically downloads the latest software, so the newest features are always up to date. That includes easy-to-read energy reports that help you make the connection between thermostat settings, weather changes, and your energy bills. Plus, it will send you customized tips on how you can be even more energy efficient for future savings.

Smart Setback:
The Côr Controller takes the guesswork out of setbacks with its Smart Setback feature. Set the minimum temperatures via the "Cool To" and "Heat To" settings and the controller will do the rest. The Smart Setback algorithm uses historical performance of the home along with the current outdoor conditions to calculate when to start heating or coolng in order to recover the most efficient stage and heat source avaiable.

Professional Installation:
The sleek Côr Thermostat takes its place on your wall and puts efficiency, simplicity, and expertise at your fingertips. Having a Carrier dealer install your Côr Controller ensures that it is correctly set-up and offers you time to learn more about everything it can do.

Alerts and Reminders:
The system helps managing routine maintenance and service through system alerts and reminders that can be set up to let you know when something requires your attention. Notifications are displayed on the controller, mobile app, web portal, and you can contact your dealer via email. Routine service, filter change, temperature alerts, and humidity alerts are just a few examples of the alerts and/or reminders that can be programmed for your convenience.

Features include:Cor thermostat is efficient, simple and smartly saves energy

  • Remote access via web portal or smartphone app
  • Energy reports and customized savings tips
  • Intelligent softwre adapts beyond manual programming for greater efficiency, while meeting ideal comfort levels by understanding home and system characteristics
  • Smartphone style, color touchscreen
  • Indoor humidity sense and display
  • Local weather forecast
  • HVAC system alerts and maintenance reminders display dealer contact information
  • 7-day programmability with Guided Scheduling, Comfort Profiles, and Touch-n-Go Features
  • Heating and Cooling Smart Setback
  • Super Dehumidifciation, Cool to Dehumidfy
  • Comfort Heat Pump System Feature
  • Auxiliary Heat During Defrost
  • Fan Optimization
  • Air Circulation
  • Free Cooling with Ventilator
  • Window Protect with a Humidifier

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Comfort WiFi Thermostat

Comfort series WiFi controllers provide flexible solutions that are compatible with almost all heating and cooling systems. Take advantage of the convenient mobile app and online control features to adjust temperatures whether you are home or away.Comfort WiFi Thermostat is compatible with all heating and cooling systems.

Plus, if your heating and cooling system includes a heat pump and a furnace, the Comfort WiFi Thermostat can orchestrate their use as a Hybrid Heat system during the shoulder seasons.

Features include:

  • Full-color graphic display
  • Local 4-day weather forecast
  • Remote access via internet and mobile apps
  • Hybrid Heat system management
  • Auto changeover between heating and cooling
  • 7-day programmable
  • System maintenance reminders
  • Fixed schedue or runtime-based filter replacement reminders
  • Daily and monthly energy reports

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