New Infinity Heat Pump with Greenspeed Intelligence

For efficient heating and cooling, consider a heat pump. Carrier's new variable-speed technology is changing perceptions on whole-home comfort performance and year-round savings on utility bills.

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Heat Pumps with Greenspeed Intelligence

Carrier Hybrid Heat offers comfort without compromise.Only Carrier® systems possess Greenspeed™ intelligence, providing homeowners with consistent comfort, precisely matching the heating or cooling demands of the home. This translates into highly efficient energy use and the near-elimination of temperature swings throughout a home.

Carrier Infinity Heat Pump with Greenspeed IntelligenceThis variable-speed unit ushers in a new era of groundbreaking comfort and energy efficiency. The new Infinity Heat Pump defies convention. It delivers up to 68% greater heating efficiency and up to 86% greater heating capacity than other air-source heat pumps. Add to that a 20-SEER cooling and you have an all-season HVAC system that beats all the others.

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The key to unlocking the full potential of adaptable-speed technology is our exclusive Infinity control.

As outdoor conditions change the comfort demands inside the home over the course of a day or even an hour, a constant stream of information is exchanged between the Infinity control and the system. Adaptable-speed components backed by Greenspeed™ intelligence are able to take the control's commands and make very subtle adjustments to meet the comfort needs of the home.

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