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What is a Duct Free Air Conditioning System?

An Alternative to Window Air Conditioners:
Ductless or Ductfree Cooling Solutions
Carrier Split Systems offer savings on utility bills and increased home comfort.

Toshiba Carrier ductless split systems are innovative cooling solutions that make sure non-ducted spaces are as comfortable as any ducted space, so you can expand your living and work areas.

If you live in a home with no central air conditioning (ducts), ductfree splits may be just the right solution – whether you want to cool one room or the whole house.

These high-efficiency systems can also help you save money by keeping your most-used rooms optimally comfortable. And, they are quieter, safer, and generally more efficient than window air conditioners.

So stop dragging, lifting, and listening to your noisy window air conditioners.

Toshiba Carrier High-Wall ductless split systems are mounted near the ceiling and comfort levels can be easily and precisely controlled using a remote control.

Multi-split ductless sytems can cool up to nine rooms using one outdoor unit and no ductwork.

Your local Carrier expert can help determine what is the best system for your situation and installation is quick and easy – often within a day or two. Wall-mounted system installations require only a small hole through the wall to connect pipe from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. Then it just takes an electrical connection outside and a few screws to mount the unit to the wall, and the installation is complete.

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